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Buying a Sonicare Toothbrush - Make Sure You Get Your Sonicare Rebate

Sonicare is a leading manufacture of electric toothbrushes, Sonicare holds a large share of the electric toothbrush market.
It's main competitor is Oral B.
Philips toothbrushes are far superior to any other mechanical brush.
The Sonicare is capable of removing plaque and tartar build up that normal brushes can't remove.
The Sonicare within two weeks of using will remove coffee and tea stains and stains caused by smoking.
It helps prevent cavities and will save you money on future dental bills.
Can you think of a better gift for your child, father or mother.
If you're looking for the ultimate way to save money when buying a new Philips toothbrush then consider using a Sonicare coupon.
There are coupons for most Sonicare products including the Flexcare, Elite, Sonicare for kids and the Essence.
Sonicare coupons will save you anywhere between $10 - $20 depending on the coupon you choose to use.
You can also get a Sonicare rebate from Philips after you purchase a Sonicare electric toothbrush.
There are a few different ways to get coupons, Costco is a great supplier of many Soincare coupons every few months Costco comes out with new coupons for Sonicare electric brushes these can be used in conjunction with the current rebate that is being offered by Philips.
If you use both a Costco coupon and a Philips Sonicare rebate you could be entitled to a savings of well over $30.
Make sure you read the fine print on the Rebate to see if the electric brush you bought is covered by the rebate.

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