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Studying at Home

Many love to study at home. There are a lot of advantages at home; first you can experience serenity alone you can concentrate in a field you want to study. Second, there is no hassle travelling going forth and back to the school. Third, you will not see some of the irritating teachers. When you are studying home, everything is under your control. It is up to you to study or not. So, if you want to sleep and study later you can do it. If you want to watch television while studying, it could be. Or listen to the music, eat, doing exercise when you are studying. You are free to do what you want without any one supervising you what to do. There are so many advantages when you are studying at home.

But remember also there are disadvantages of studying alone at your own home. The opposite of all the advantages are the disadvantages. You cannot have many friends, you will not see beautiful and handsome classmates, you cannot have a talking partners, you will never experience being scolded by a teacher, you never have a group companions or you cannot work in a group anymore and a lot of disadvantages too.

I know somebody who studies at home. Is he lonely? Maybe yes, I heard that he also cries when he feels sad. One of the reasons why he studies at home is that he is sick and he is shy that others could see him sick. He has periodontal disease; it is a disease in your gums. His two front teeth are already removed so whenever he smiles he thinks he is funny. That is why he does not want others to see him in that condition. I pity him; he will not enjoy being a student forever if he continues to study at home. Maybe there is an alternative and cure to that disease. He can go to a dentist and let the dentist check his gum and solve the problems of it. That way he could have a chance to smile with everybody again, and be happy with others in a real school. He deserves to be happy.

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