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Periodontal Care in Green Bay: Shining a Light on the Gums

Periodontal Care in Green Bay: Introduction

Periodontal care in Green Bay specializes in the treatment of ailments, diseases and malformations of the soft and hard tissue surrounding the teeth; the gums and jawbone. Now, when it comes to oral and smile aesthetics, the glory and limelight are totally taken by the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has a myriad of treatments and procedures designed to make our teeth whiter, brighter, more symmetrical and perfect in shape. Nowadays, it scarcely matters what our genetic heritage says about the appearance of our smiles; modern dentistry is capable of comprehensive restoration, rehabilitation and oral revolution! It is only at the very back of this mental stage that the gums really feature. Yet, they are so incredibly important to our oral health and overall smile aesthetics. Red swollen gums are definitely not sexy; nor are gums that have receded from the crowns of the teeth to reveal the darker root underneath. Periodontal care in Green Bay gives all the attention to the gums that this soft tissue deserves.

Periodontal Care in Green Bay: The Importance of Gum Health

Our gums are as susceptible to bacteria as our teeth are… even more so because it is in the gingival sulci (the natural grooves and creases between the teeth and the gums) that oral bacteria like to establish their sprawling and filthy colonizations. Good periodontal care in Green Bay prevents bacteria from developing deep pockets of bone loss and toxins in the gingival sulci, which in turn prevents the development of really nasty oral ailments like periodontal disease. Since we are throwing the word ‘periodontal' around quite a bit, perhaps we had better break it down for you: Peri means ‘around' and dontal means ‘teeth', which is exactly what the word refers to… the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. The importance of periodontal care in Green Bay is essential to the maintenance of sound lifelong oral health. If you like your teeth and love your smile, then you simply cannot neglect the health of your gums! According to the statistics, a startling 80% of Americans present with some form or stage of gum disease and this is a gateway to the more serious and acute conditions, such as periodontal disease. Tooth loss, the loss of bone volume in the jaw, oral lesions, bad breath and inflamed gums are all symptoms of this terrible oral affliction, which really highlights the importance of professional periodontal care in Green Bay. However, amidst all these nasty symptoms lies an even graver and potentially fatal link… since your mouth is a portal to the rest of your body, gum disease has been shown to share a significant relationship with the development and exacerbation of serious conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Periodontal Care in Green Bay: What Can You Do?

Regular periodontal care in Green Bay, as received from your dentist or gum specialist (periodontist), is as essential as good oral hygiene is. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day, drink plenty of water, rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash and avoid bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. And if you ever notice any change in the health of your gums, seek immediate periodontal care in Green Bay.

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